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    In May, a new Japanese language tutor joined U-PASS!

    Please take advantage of U-PASS's Japanese language sessions, which are free one-on-one sessions between a trained Japanese student tutor and an international student, where you can learn to read and write Japanese, practice Japanese conversation, and get support for your Japanese studies.




    7月30日に行われるTOEFL ITPに向けて、 U-PASSが試験対策のお手伝いをします。

    留学生チューターとの英語セッションで、スピーキングやリスニングのスキルアップを目指しませんか。またTOEFL・TOEICで高スコアを収めたチューターから試験対策のアドバイスをもらえるチャンスです! 今後、交換留学への応募を検討している方も、語学能力の証明や留学前後の力試しとして、U-PASSを是非活用してください!



    We are pleased to announce that new English and Japanese tutors have joined the "U-PASS" program in June, making it even more powerful!


    U-PASS will help you prepare for the TOEFL ITP to be held on July 30.

    Why don't you improve your speaking and listening skills in English sessions with our international student tutors? You will also have a chance to get advice on test preparation from tutors who have achieved high scores on the TOEFL and TOEIC exams! If you are considering applying for an exchange program in the future, please take advantage of U-PASS to prove your language skills and test your abilities before and after your study abroad!


    The Japanese-language sessions are also very popular, so if you are an international student who has not yet experienced the service, please give it a try.





    『U-PASS』とは、University Peer Academic Support Servicesの略語で、学生チューターによる学修サポートサービスです。U-PASSは、学生チューターによる 英語のアカデミックリーディング・ライティング・プレゼンテーション、TOEFL LTP試験対策、日本語学習のサポートを、それぞれマンツーマンで行っています。※TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTSの各試験対策についてはご相談ください。



    Hi, there! U-PASS has been available since Monday, April 17!

    Did you know that University of Fukui has a service called U-PASS?

    U-PASS (University Peer Academic Support Services) is an academic support service provided by student peer tutors. U-PASS provides support for English academic reading, English academic writing, English academic presentation, TOEFL LTP Test taking, and Japanese language Support. *If you are looking for support for any of the following exams please contact us as we may be able to help you: TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, IELTS.


    Although you may be interested in developing English or Japanese proficiency, maybe you find it difficult to study on your own (after all, language is often meant to be shared!). Therefore, it is useful to have peers who can advise, share their experiences with language learning and assist with assignments. Our U-PASS tutors are peers who are able to support you with your language learning. Many tutors are senpai from your department who have taken and excelled in the courses or exams you may be struggling with currently. They understand how difficult and time-consuming language learning can be, and they are here to support you!  Anyone who seriously wants to improve English or Japanese language proficiency and/or language test taking performance should work with our U-PASS tutors. We are here for you!


    Our tutors can work with you individually or in small groups. You can meet face-to-face with a tutor in the U-PASS room of the Language Development Center (LDC) on the 2nd floor of the library. Alternatively, you may be able to have tutoring sessions online via ZOOM. All students from Bunkyo, Matsuoka and Tsuruga campuses are welcome to use U-PASS services. Take advantage of this free service!

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